What About It

Everything and an opinion on it.

I really enjoy life, society, people (watching), and absorbing it all.  From the uttermost absurd to the most selfless and sweet.  I travel almost weekly and find myself in airports a lot and I can comfortably say that airports seem to really bring out the crust of people.  From there I find the amusing, the painful, the pure joy, relief, and excitement of the world around me.  I always have.

Some things will be about travel adventures and misadventures; others thoughts will be philosophical; others still will get to politics, health care, music, and so many other things that interest me.  Society and cultural understanding and that encompasses so very much. In short, LIFE!

When I read up on blogging it said to pick a topic.

That is like asking me my favorite flavor?  It depends on so many things that influence that thought.  Favorite food?  Where are we going?  Sushi, ok, I’ll have sashimi and spend 20 minutes trying to pick a roll.  Steak?  NY strip medium rare is a safe go-to.  Favorite music?  What is my mood.  Working out? Almost always heavy metal but dance stuff creeps in.  Sunday morning?  Could be jazz or it could be classic rock or I could put Wagner on blast; which is the only way to listen to Wagner.  Friday night?  Could also be jazz.   Could be 50’s doo wop.  I admit it, I am all over the place.  I have my topic- LIFE.  My life and my attempt to get every bit out of it as possible.

While I sometimes struggle to pick one thing that is my favorite, I do manage to have an opinion on pretty much everything.  I’m very open to dialogue and understanding why people feel the way they feel.  How’d you get there?  Sometimes those things impact me and open up that world just a little bit more and at other times they anger me.  I view it that I have one ride here and even if I do get to come back I don’t remember the last ride so I want to enjoy and live this one as fearlessly as possible and to the fullest.

Not sure if my crazy views on life fits into the Blog World but I love to write and we’ll see where it goes.





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