A right leaning article to be sure but it raises questions I keep pondering in light of the floods and political climate.

Let me say, I LOVE California.  I have lived there and I want to go back and I want to retire there.  I cringe over so many things about how the state is run, the taxes, and this article captures some of the fear I have of living there.  If you have not lived outside of California then you may not know that there are indeed states that have zero state income tax and are right-side-up.  You may know that, but still, unless you’ve lived it, you don’t actually know.

I have been in Texas the better part of 35 years.  A stop in Wisconsin and time in Cali but most of it has been spent there.  I am very accustomed to not filing that state income tax paperwork each year.  I’ll do it, but I won’t like it.

Every state feels that sense of pride about being the best for their varying reasons.  Some states are (much) louder about it than others. (Hello, Texas, I am talking to you)   Every state feels they are doing it right for the future.  California is up there with that feeling and they are mighty progressive about it.   Some things I 100% agree with and others baffle me.   Maybe it the Texas in me, maybe it is that they’re just as corrupt, wasteful, and narrow as other states.  Politicians at the helm…. I shouldn’t have to say too much more but sadly we keep re-electing folks that aren’t doing right by us.

So I’ll leave the link for those interested in it.  I’ll set the tone that it is conservative but being a Centrist I think there are some valuable questions and concerns for the beautiful state of California.   Hopefully, at some point soon, something is going to be done to rescue some of the failings within such an amazing state filled with so many amazing people.




2 thoughts on “California.

  1. Enlightening article Beth. I don’t follow much in California but it sounds like a lot of corruption and greed. Thanks for sharing the article and I always love hearing your perspective on issues, always intelligent, respectful and thought provoking. Sherree


    1. Thank you Sherree! All states have this problem in different and overlapping ways. It is sad it takes a disaster to highlight it. Gulf coast hurricanes have highlighted that on our side.


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