Rubik’s Cube and Life Philosophy

My cover photo is an artist’s drawing of my life philosophy.  That picture was drawn by my daughter as an entry for a very big scholarship to an art and design school.  The topic was perspective and she was going around and around in her thoughts about what to submit.  It could have been anything.  A photo, drawing, write up, whatever.  Just that it illustrate perspective.

I jumped at my awesome Mommy Moment to impart my personal life wisdom upon her.  I explained to my daughter the way I see it is the we’re all viewing the same thing but from our own varying vantage points.  I always liken it to a Rubik’s Cube.  I see red because I am looking straight at it.  You see yellow, white, and green from your more cornered perspective.  Same item; different view of it.

My child looked at the mental picture I had drawn for her and nodded and thought. She said she had never really thought about it that way.  Big win for the Mom!  I held the pretend air-cube in my hand and said now that she had a perspective of what she was seeing what if I got bumped by someone and that caused me to tilt the cube ever so slightly.  She was all along still looking at the cube and yellow, white and green was now only green and blue and I had red and white.  STILL the same item, still in the same scenario, but somehow our view of it had changed.   I had been bumped and she was only an onlooker.    This could apply to anything in life but all experience changes your view.

Insert 18 year old Mind Blown moment <<<RIGHT HERE!>>> 

She sat down and started drawing and she went with it for a few days.  I didn’t hover around and simply let her work with it unsure of where she’d take it.  In every single scenario of my Rubik’s Cube Philosophy on Life I always had all of the colors as solid.  Further, I never thought about a reflection of my perception versus how others may view me or my perception of the cube/world.

Well.  Insert 46 year old mama Mind Blown moment <<<RIGHT HERE>>> when I got to see her completed drawing.

I sat with it.  I stared at it.  I pondered my own philosophy and how another person’s perspective of my own views had now suddenly tilted that very same view and not only enhanced it but really, really! opened it up to a whole new horizon of that very same philosophy I had not otherwise explored.  After countless proud, almost too prideful, shares of my view of the world and respecting others for how they arrive at their views, ideals, and beliefs, the fact that my own POV was changed by my own kid at only 18 was really a moment.  It was a beautiful illustration of why I continue to love to learn every, single day and that I am not always the teacher.

True to form, as a mom, I immediately took a cell phone photo of the drawing so I could share it with everyone who would give me a chance to brag on her.  This was accompanied by an eye roll by the artist.

To be honest, I don’t think at first she 100% got just how profound her drawing was but only that it was her personal enhancement of my philosophy to make it her own.  That alone I loved.  She didn’t get that it was HEAVY. Like it got in my head and made me examine the reflection of my own cube perspective.  I sat with it for days.  I looked at the drawing and that weird floating hand which didn’t need an arm and I wondered why she didn’t give it an arm.  Was it male or female because I couldn’t tell.  I mean, I really sat with it.

So now my philosophy has grown and evolved as a direct result of examining that very philosophy in a teaching moment only to find myself the student.  I mean we’re talking my personal philosophy here… I clearly still mind blown now.   How cool that these things are not finite and apparently I am not as witty and universal as I thought.  Damn it.

I think that drawing would be a cool print like those framed photos in so many doctor’s office waiting rooms.  Like the whale tale with a single word under it.  Dream.  Explore.  (whatever).  But on this it’d be that drawing she did with the word Perspective under it or maybe some other interesting word that captures that we are all in this together and we are entitled to our views.   I really think I’m going to have that original printed up and framed just like that.  Now everyone knows what they are getting for Christmas.  Got my holiday shopping done on Feb 1st!!!!

Oh, and if anyone wonders she did win the big scholarship.






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